Local Government Business Forum

The Local Government Business Forum comprises organisations that have a vital interest in the activities of local government. Its members include Business New Zealand, the Electricity Networks Association, Federated Farmers of New Zealand, New Zealand Initiative, New Zealand Business Chamber, Hospitality New Zealand and the Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand. It was established in 1994 to promote greater efficiency in local government and to contribute to debate on policy issues affecting it.

The Forum's members are each significant representatives of ratepayers in their own right but the Forum's perspective is to advance community welfare through the advocacy of sound public policy. We believe that local government can best serve the interests of the community and ratepayers by focusing on the efficient provision of public goods at a local level.

The Local Government Forum advocates policies that create a positive economic environment. Recognising the significant role of local government in private investment decisions, the Forum regularly produces publications addressing crucial issues relating to the performance of local government and legislative developments in that sector.